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Longtime friends chefs Alex Williams and Jordan Snyder first met while running one of LA’s finest kitchens, Trois Mec. Together, they earned a Michelin star rating, one of the very few such restaurants in Los Angeles. Among many things, they shared an appreciation for the art of the sandwich and set out to build one that was simple yet refined. It needed to taste incredible. They started by crafting their own homemade bread, a custom focaccia that is baked in special pans with a light glaze on top. Next, they sourced purposeful ingredients from local suppliers that work together in concert, taking into account not only flavor but also texture and aroma. The result is sandwiches that are lovingly composed but satisfyingly simple.

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Over the next several years, Alex and Jordan perfected their menu through several pop ups and catering events. Their sandwiches and sides were well received, even winning awards and appearing on “best of” lists from major news publications. And this was all without having their own storefront and while limited to tiny pop up kitchens where they could make only a few sandwich varieties each day. They knew they were onto something. So in 2023, they partnered with Greg Willsey (founder of Joolies, Kinderfarms, Desert Valley Date and Only Skin, among several other companies through his firm Venice Brands) and Michael Pasternak (former Director of Operations at the Night + Market restaurant group). Together, they formed Bread Head Restaurant Group with the goal of opening numerous Bread Head sandwich shops across the country. Our first restaurant launched in June 2024 in Santa Monica, CA and we are actively working on our second location.
To the right is a picture of our four co-founders immediately after signing the lease for our first brick & mortar location in Santa Monica. This was taken at our JuneShine pop up, and you can tell that we are all a bit excited. From left to right: Greg Willsey, Alex Williams, Jordan Snyder, and Michael Pasternak. As an aside, Greg and Michael have been close friends since childhood, growing up in Wethersfield, CT where they went to nursery school together and played on sports teams through high school. Their parents live only a few blocks apart.
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